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Midnight Voyage

Joey Calderazzo

as played by Michael Brecker in Tales From The Hudson

Charts in C, Bb or Eb

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Welcome to! is a new site that offers you, jazz musicians, more than one thousand free jazz charts.

This site is actually in beta version, and some of its great features are not yet publicly available.

What can I get on this site?

At this time, you can:

  • Search a tune by its title or any part of its title.
  • Select a transposition for a specific instrument (C, Bb or Eb)
  • Display the corresponding chart in PDF format
  • Print the chart
  • Save the chart to your local computer disk for future use
  • Send the chart by mail to any mail address.
  • New: Display all paper real books containing a given tune.

How much does it cost ?

Nothing. This site is free for you to use. It is paid for by the ads displayed on each page

Do I have to register to use this site ?

No, you do not even need to register to get charts. You can do so in a totally anonymous way. However, some future functions may need you to register and create a personal account (see "Roadmap below").

Will this site remain free ?

Basic use (such as selecting a tune and getting the corresponding chart) will remain free. We hope to add many other functions (see "Roadmap below") while continuing to provide free access, paid for by the ads. If however this model proves not to be viable, we might offer some advanced functionalities for a small annual fee. This will depend upon this site popularity. So, help us help you: make all you friends use this site. The more users, the more chances there are for this site to remain free.


We hope to introduce the following functions in the near future:

  • Transpose charts to any key (helpful for singers!)
  • Group charts into personal real books (for example for a specific gig) with ability to record meta data (gig date and location, emails of other musicians, personal notes...)
  • Create C, Bb and Eb version of each book.
  • Send each version of each book to specific email addresses.
  • Many other functions...

Help us make this site better

Do not hesitate to contact us to report any problem or to request new features. We clearly want to hear from you!

Why are melodies not available?

This site would of course be much more useful if the charts would include the melodies. However, this would infringe copyright laws. You will not find melodies here.

Who are we ?

We are musicians, like you. We are developing this site mostly because we need it. We hope it will also be useful to you. Note that English is not our primary language. So, if you are English native speakers and want to help us make this site better by improving the text, do not hesitate to contact us!